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About Me


Opening Pathways

Counselor. Author. Teacher. Leader.

I am Yuya Assaan, your guide to unlocking potential and achieving success. My path has been diverse, blending IT innovation, educational leadership, and entrepreneurship. This mix has sharpened my skills in empathy, strategy, and creativity. These are the tools I use to reveal and nurture hidden talents in both individuals and organizations.

In my career, I’ve taken on various roles. I’ve been a pioneering force in the tech space, led educational initiatives, and embarked on numerous entrepreneurial ventures. Each experience has enriched my ability to facilitate growth. Now, I apply these insights as a consultant. I offer leadership coaching, personal development, and organizational enhancement. My services cater to businesses and individuals alike.

Moreover, I lead a global service organization and an NGO in West Africa. Here, I focus on empowering communities through technology and education. My work underscores a commitment to societal upliftment. It’s about creating tangible change.

For those eager to explore entrepreneurship, coaching, or career advancement, I’m here. My consulting services are designed to align with your highest aspirations. Together, we’ll navigate your professional journey. We’ll aim for growth, fulfillment, and a sense of adventure.

For further insights into my philosophy and work I suggest exploring Sadulu House and ANU Life Global Ministries. Here, you will find even deeper understanding of the principles guiding my approach.

In sum, my journey reflects a blend of diverse experiences. These have equipped me to support your growth. Let’s embark on this path together. Discover how we can achieve your goals and foster meaningful change.